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Slider Revolution asking to update, says no files were found

Trying to update our Slider Revolution plugin from 5.4.8 to using the BeTheme Required Plugin interface but it won't update and it won't activate. When I try and update, it says no files were found. Actually says that to ALL of the plugins that need installed and activated. Any work around for this? I can give you access to the website in question if you think you'll need it.



  • Should also mention that it's requiring me to update before I can re-activate it. Must have deactivated itself after one of the latest theme updates. It was working, now it's not.
  • I've got the same problem. Just tried to do the update several times and for some reason its been completely removed from my website leaving gaping holes where there once were sliders! Please help asap!
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  • Thanks. I will try that. When I went to the link, it said both my license keys were expired? I purchased additions to that, I still have 18 days left...
  • I've deregistered and reregistered my theme on the domain in question and still the same error. I have 2 websites that use BeTheme and both of them are showing on my license key check yet I continue to have issues with both. Help me out, please. We need to get this corrected.

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  • I have 2 keys. One is registered to (which is hosted under and the other is for (which is hosted under Those are the only 2 I use. I'm having issues on with the plugins not updating or activating.
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  • Just de-registered and re-registered the theme. Attempted the updates about 3 or 4 different times and all failed with the same message as before.
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  • Just sent it off. I included login info, should you need to access the site.

    Thanks again for the help.

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  • Just sent another note with the license key. I put the credentials down again, they are mine that I use on a daily basis so I know they work.

  • So I think I know what's happening here. I have 2 sites on my WordPress Multi site that use Be theme and it looks like when you enter in a license key on one site, it automatically activated the other site, too. Both of which are different domain names but all maps back to the main website. I've tried to de register one site at a time but when you de register one, the other site de registers as well. I tried to install two separate installs of be theme with different folder names and mapped both sites to different installations of the theme but it does the same thing. Any help would be great!
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  • Pablo, I've tried that several times and it don't work. It will not download the plugin updates. I tried to take the new version of the plugin that downloaded on another one of my sites that uses BeTheme and even THAT is giving me errors. Can't get it to save the sliders at all. I'm about to give up and find a different theme.

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  • I've been working on it all weekend, trying this and trying that hence why the key was on I don't understand your answer though as our multisite has been the same for years but yet this issue just started happening after one of the latest updates. So that tells me that something changed on your end as nothing has changed on mine for it to not be able to download plugin updates. It's always worked before but not now.
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