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Shopping cart not showing in Split Menu

Dear Support!
For an upcoming client site ( I am using the Split Menu Header. I can't find any "switch" within the options to display a button for the shopping cart. And it's not showing up when the browser is larger than the grid width. Below, when the slide menu is shown one can find the button for the shopping cart there (#slide-cart), but not above the grid with of 1280px.
How can I add the shopping cart to the right side of the split menu?
Thanks in advance for your support!
Best regards


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  • Thank you Pablo for your assistance,
    but the problem ist not the basket icon in the menu. I had to insert that because I can't access the original shop basket icon with link to the shopping cart. If the display ist smaller than 1280px and the hamburger menu appears, there you have the regular basket with the number of items within the shopping cart. The "fake link" in the menu bar doesn't help, it's just a link and doesn't show the amount of items in the shopping cart.
    So how can I bring the basket icon with amount of items and with link to the shopping cart to view with browser width >1280px?
  • I found the problem myself Pablo: The TOP BAR RIGHT has been set OFF in the options and within CSS it has been set to display: hidden. No it's working 
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  • No, it's solved now, thank you for the support :-)
  • Dear Pablo,
    yet with the next project I have the same problem again, basket icon isn't shown at regular view > 1240px, although TOP BAR RIGHT isn't set to Hide and I also put your CSS code with visibility:unset into the Custom CSS.
    Within the HTML-Code of the page the part with class menubasket isn't shown up, as if it is missing:
    What could it be this time?
    Thank you in advance!
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  • Dear Pablo,
    with header you mean the split menu header? Because with the former project with a lot more menu items it worked probably:
    Why is it working with the one project and the other not? It's the same header type.
    Thank you in advance!
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  • Escellent, Pablo, that was the solution, thank you very much for your assistance!
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