Section w/ sidebar overlaps content - bug?

Please see -

One cannot control the map in the main content area, click/drag/zoom or even highlight the text of the title just below the map.  I imagine this is the case for any and all content on the right half of the page.  When you inspect with the inspector you right click an object and expect that object to be selected in the inspector code window but it is actually the sidebar that is selected.

If I add the following rules to the .left-sidebar .items_group classes this fixes the problem.

.left-sidebar .items_group { position: relative; z-index: 1; }


  • Hi,

    this happen because sidebar got own width. Please use below css and all will be fine:
    .widget-area::before { display: none; }
    We'll sort it with next update as well. Thanks!
  • That's funny, I just used that exact code to hide the psuedo element's faded background and then came here to see what your response was.  Great thinking =)
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