OnePage Menu no longer working after update.

I updated my site today and my main page menu no longer works. I use a one page setup for the home page, which until now worked fine. I removed "scroll" from menu options and enabled OnePage on the page builder as per the instructions but the menu still doesn't work. It worked fine before the update as the site has been live three or four months now.

Any ideas?


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    I also have lost my one page scroll ability. When I enable it in the page builder and publish, when I check it has turned it self off again.

    I should mention that I did not do a recent update, it was something that was working and not it is not.

    Thanks for the help.
  • I figured out what my problem was. It seems the issue happened since adding my most recent section.
    This would have been the 14th section on my page. Is there a maximum number of sections that can be inserted to a page before the OnePage scroll disables?
  • Well after deleting the recent section and elements within it and rebuilding it my problem seems to have fixed itself and all is well. Not sure this will help anyone else but here's what I did.

    1.Double checked NiceScroll was turned off in Getting started General options.
    2. Deleted newly added section and the columns within that section.
    3. Refreshed and saved page
    4. Turned on OnePage in page options, and hit publish.
    5. Added new section and columns again and everything seems good.

  • @HuxleySeven Scroll wouldn't never work with current settings so it is not possible that was working in the past. Please take a look once again into doc and compare what you did with description. Take a look at ID names for sections because this is the problem. You did them wrong.
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