SPLIT HEADER : Left & Right Menu Position + Nav Dividers

I was taking part in a discussion on a different thread for split menu logo positioning. I have other issues with my header so thought it more appropriate to start a new thread.

my url: www.get-fed.com/get-fed-victoria

Here's the various correction I wish to fix.
1. Bring left menu towards the right closer to logo
2. Bring right menu towards the left closer to logo
3. Left menu has right borders on nave items , so vertical divider is next to logo. The right menu I would like to have left borders so menu is semetrical.
4. White border on far right nav elements on both left & right menu's. I wish for all to be same colour.

I have included an image showing my menu as it is now, and the bottom image of how we wish to achieve.
Thanks you for the assistance.


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