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Deconfiguration of theme settings, headings go flat, and much more problems.

Hi my dear support team,

I am experiencing some weird and very annoying problems which made me to loose my ilussion and patience.

I'm creating a new website, I've installed Betheme yesterday morning. I'm not novice on wordpress, nether I'm an expert, I have another website made by myself completly with free products.

The problems are, after 1-2h getting the theme settings as I want General, headers, menus, colors, some point when I refresh the web to check how is the new change that I've done I've realized that:
  • Headings go flat, no format, no style anymore.
  • Some elements that I've never modificated get deconfigurated for example some "cards" at " Last news" in the home page.
  • The background of the home page becomes different.
  • I'm not able to get back any of the previous points as I had them before the "chaos came to my website".
What I'm able to get it as it was before the chaos are:
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Maybe something else...but now I don't remember.
This situation I had it three times yesterday, at first I've started to configurated my theme around 15h and around 17h the chaos came, straight aways I filled up myself with tons of patience and started again and I thought I did something wrong but i happened again.

What I thought that I did wrong at first was:
I think at 1st I was saving the changes always on the lower button and never by clicking on the upper button which looks to be a general and "finish" function but this thought seems to be uncorrect as on my 2nd try I've saved always the changes by clicking on both buttons... At my 3th try I've reseted wordpress, I've deleted the theme, I've installed it again and it happened again quite fast, then I gave up.

Why is happening that? How can I start to configurated it again without waiting for the chaos and loosing my time?? Is about me or a technical problem? I really don't know what I could do wrong to get all those problems.
I don't get any connection between my actions and the moment when the chaos comes to website.

I'm using an under construction plugin, I will disactivate it for today in order that you can have a look. The website right now is on the moment when the chaos came and I've gave up.

I suggest to open my home page and next to it the home page of the prebuilt page which fits almost 100% with what I want to create and check the diferences... I hope you can say me something
Prebuilt template

thank you,


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  • It isn't for sure that scenario that you suggest. Because in case of this situation, would change anything at the "Last news - blog grid" because I haven't touched it, doesn't make any sense, as well I've never changed the headings size...
    I will do it again and be very very precise with every change that I do in order to identify when exactly it happens if it do it order to be able to tell you something else...hopefully not!
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