'Sliding Box' PrettyPhoto Launching of Video Clip

I have tried adding the class 'prettyphoto' to a sliding box object to launch a youTube video. The video tries to open but gets stuck with the loading icon in a small square white box and black transparent background cover. The same code works fine on an <a> tag or a button or an 'icon' object. The sliding box object does not have the same 'class' text entry as the icon object, only a  'Custom | Classes' text entry.

Is the sliding box object meant to open vimeo/youtube clips. I also tried adding ?iframe=true and width and height parameters but it still fails.


  • Hi,

    please send us url to page where you got this issue and we'll check it for you.

  • The url is protected, I can't send you the logins at present. Are you under the impression the pretty photo should work on all elements? This is the source code:

    <div class="sliding_box">
        <a href="" >
            <div class="photo_wrapper">
                <img class="scale-with-grid" src="wp-content/uploads/2015/02/home_33.jpg" alt="" />
            <div class="desc_wrapper">

  • If it's protected then we can't help unfortunately and only website developer can check this for you. We need url to check the whole code and console because without that we can't know what the problem is.
  • I understand but can you at least let me know if the sliding box object should be able to handle prettyphoto video launch in a window in the same way an icon and a button allow?
  • If you want to know if it's possible now on our side, then it's not possible.
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