Change Creative Menu/Responsive/Mobile Menu Icon


I would like to change the default Responsive Menu Icon that you click to open the overlay style menu or creative style menu. It looks like you are using an icon font, I would like to replace it with an image file.




  • Hi Jesse,

    we did never tested this solution you must must check it yourself. Under Theme options > Layout > Menu & Action Bar you have "Menu | Responsive Button | Text". Please put here below code and see if this will help. If not, then it's not possible unfortunately.

  • Hi,

    I actually tried that previously, but that field doesn't work with the overlay header style at all.. Additionally, even with the other headers in only works when the screen resolution is for a mobile device... I realize I am threading the edge of "customizing" the template, however I really need to pull this off for my client - can you at least point me in the direction code wise of where I need to go in order to make the change?
  • If above solution does not work, then it is not possible. Unfortunately we do not offer any code customizations. We can only tell you where the icon is placed on the code but for all changes and modifications only website developer is responsible. So if you want to know where it is, check includes/header-top-area.php file.
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