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I'm using the Transparent Header with a custom CSS and diferent pages for every part of the website. In one page I have a revolution slider, in other just a section with a background image.

I've tried the Minimalist Header in order to hide that background and every page is working fine. But in the posts page, as the Minimalist Header is on, category posts, posts and everything is showing under the menu with no space.

If I turn off the Minimalist Header, the posts/categories pages run fine, but the other pages are showing the background of the header. Is there any way to turn on/off the Minimalist Header in a particular page? If so... how is it done?

Sorry if I don't express this well and excuse me for my English!

Thanks in advance. Regards!


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    Let me show you what I mean.

    With Minimalist Header turned ON:
    Normal Page (no space under menu bar as needed)


    With Minimalist Header turned ON:
    Posts Page (no space under menu, content not visible)


    With Minimalist Header turned OFF:
    Normal Page (header background under menu, page not as needed)


    With Minimalist Header turned OFF:
    Posts Page (background under menu, like it but affects other pages)

  • Hi,

    this works properly of course. This is how transparent and fixed header works. Content is behind the slider always so all is good. If you don't like how it looks, we recommend to use another header layout. But to remove this background space in header (black one in your case) header minimalist option must be ON.
  • Yes, I was hoping for a magical possibility, hahahaha. I guess if I can turn minimalist header ON everything will work fine (I always can use Revolution Slider with one fixed slide to hide header behind).

  • Hello, Can I turn main minimalist option off for some specific pages ? ..
    thank you
  • @ahmadyousef You can do this with custom css only. Below we show us example of how such css should look like: #Header { min-height: 0 !important; }
    where xxx is page ID.
  • Thank you so much ! ..
    Everything is possible with this amazing theme !!
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