Menu problems

Hello... I'm trying to use the Nav Menu Roles plugin but it's not showing in the menu section. I wen to their website and below is what I found. Can you help assist me in resolving this?


I don't see the Nav Menu Roles options in the admin menu items?

This is because you have another plugin (or theme) that is also trying to alter the same code that creates the Menu section in the admin.

WordPress does not have sufficient hooks in this area of the admin and until they do plugins are forced to replace everything via custom admin menu Walker, of which there can be only one. There's a trac ticket for this, but it has been around a while.

A non-exhaustive list of known conflicts:

  1. UberMenu 2.x Mega Menus plugin
  2. Add Descendants As Submenu Items plugin
  3. Navception plugin
  4. Suffusion theme
  5. BeTheme


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