Error when installing pre-built website

I really like the pre-build website called extreme 2. However I cannot install it. Every time i try to install it it loads for few seconds and then it say 404 bad request - your browser sent an invalid request. 
Here you can see a video:!AgnGQQXdd_gk0yRufwxqkc-YSvqk

The problem is not related to system status - low PHP limits, input vars as I have that in green and not red. I am have good hosting. 

I tried it on a different browser (Edge), and I got a different error but with the same result. Inactivity timeout, no documents were being sent.

I discovered that even though the install failed some media were uploaded from the pre-built website and that every time I tried it, one picture failed to upload (one with title offer-montain). When I click on it, it has weird caption <![CDATA[]]> Maybe there is something wrong with that image and as a result it fails to load the whole pre-built website.


I contacted my hosting provide and discussed it with them, but they they told me that they checked it and that there is no issue on the hosting side and that I should contact the theme developers. 

Hope you can help me out,


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