Vimeo video in popup using 'rel=prettyphoto'

Hi guys, I'm using the 'rel=prettyphoto' markup on a link to open a video in a popup, however, because the pretty photo is set to 1280 high by 720 wide in betheme options, even on smartphone the video opens full size, is there anyway to make the popup size responsive?


  • Hi,

    yes, this is how it works exactly. If you want responsive size for popup, please remove own width and height from Theme options > Getting started > Advanced section.

  • If I leave the dimensions in Theme Options > Getting Started > Advanced empty, will the prettyphoto popup frame resize to whatever content I put in it?
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    Here is the code I am using

    a href="VIDEO_URL" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen" rel="prettyphoto"

    but this opens the video in a prettyphoto popup that is 500 wide even though I'm not stipulating any dimensions in theme options
  • If you leave this fields empty, then width will be 500px as you mentioned. It is not possible unfortunately to use own width if you want popup to be compatible with responsive versions.
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