I am unable to add anything in the sidebar. The option is greyed out. I selected the layout in theme option and also on the page to the sidebar.

How do i add images, contact form to the sidebar?


  • Where exactly you are not able to add widgets into sidebar? Please make a screenshot of what you mean.
  • right here. Those drop downs are greyed out.


    Also there are no sidebar widgets.
  • Image does not work.
  • I am not able to add sidebar content.
    Appearance-Widgets No option for sidebar widgets
    On page editor the sidebar dropdown is greyed out regardless of what layout is selected.

  • This is default wordpress option and if you are not able to work with Appearance > Widgets section, you must re-install wordpress.
  • What I'm saying is this:
    If i go to appearance - Widgets there are no sidebar widget option. There are footer widgets, blog, sliding top and plugin. Which one is the sidebar widget?

    ON PAGE the sidebar dropdown is greyed out, same thing in theme options. Regardless of me selecting a layout with sidebar.

    I would appreciate your help in just trying to walk me through on how to add sidebar to any page.
  • I was able to search online and figure this out somewhat. I did not have to reinstall wordpress either. Pretty good tutorials are available thank god.
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