jQuery issues?


On the page below the "show available times" button is not triggering anything when I hit it after selecting either the 1 hour lesson or 1/2 hour lessons. If I use the code in the Visual Composer it works fine though.  

I suspect it's because the Muffin Builder is loading jQuery in the footer and the calendar plugin requires it in the footer.

1) Is it possible to get this to work using the Muffin Builder?
If not..
2) The appointment code works fine if I use Visual Composer but shows below the selection with the voice lessons listed.  I can use the Visual Composer for the calendar code, but is there a way to move it above the Voice lessons section (section with background image) instead of under it?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Casper,

    as you can see at http://pasteboard.co/2BmnuZ98.png, this problem is related with your plugin, not theme. In this case you must contact with plugin's author.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Hi,

    I resolved the ajax error but the button is still not triggering (or clicking on the days in the calendar).
    I have the code in a column is the correct place to put it?

    If I use the visual composer to insert the appointment code it works fine (instead of the muffin builder).

    Also if I have the same code in the visual composer and the code in the muffin builder on the page at the same time the muffin builder code will work - when I delete the VC section on the page the muffin builder stops working.

    Please advise,

  • Howdy again,

    Ok to close this ticket.

    I'm at peace with using the visual composer for the booking engine code.

    I think the calendar at the bottom of the page looks/works ok.


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