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Sidebar widget alignment


I would like to have sidebar on the right side of my posts. I figured out how to do that but what I am having problems with is the alignment. 

I would like all my widgets to be centered in the middle of the sidebar but it seems that widgets are centered by default on the left:

Is there any way to center it please? (and possibly all widgets in the sidebar by default).  I am using pre-built template extreme 2.

Thank you 


  • Hi,
    Please always attach a link so we can check it out. If the page is offline(localhost) then our help will be limited, you will have to contact us when the page is online. Also please make sure that the page is not under maintenance before you provide us the link.

  • Hi,
    here is a link:

    In the future I would like to add more widgets and I would like all of them to be centered. Is there any way to set it up please?

  • Please paste that code into the Theme Options > Custom CSS & JS > CSS
    .sidebar > * {
    margin:0 auto !important;
    text-align: center !important;
  • Hi,
    thanks, but unfortunately this didn't work for me.

    And yes, I deleted browser caches.
  • It's already center, take a look at the text.

    Also, check how wide is your grid (blue colored area) :

    Then at your width of sidebar:

    It's already on center.
  • Hi,
    thank you for your answer, but I am still confused as on my computers it always looks like this:

    As you can see it's still on the left area of the sidebar and not in the middle. Or maybe if it already centered in the middle as you are saying then there is just some unnecessary padding on the right side? How can I please get rid of it 

    This is how I would like it to look: (made that in photoshop)

    In theme options U just found that I can change the sidebar width but that didn't really help as the widget was still pushed to left side of the sidebar (and besides I like the current width as it is).
  • There is not enough space to push it to the right like you shown on screenshot.
    The maximal width (grid) is shown here (it's the blue colored area) :

    You would have to increase the "Width" of sidebar first.
    It's in the Theme Options > Sidebars

  • So there is no way to push it further to the right? To push to the yellow area a little? 

    I just want to my widgets to be on the right side, with the options above the widgets are centered but not on the right side of the screen. I have seen in on the right side on some many other websites so it must be possible to make it somehow. I don't want the empty space on the right from my widgets. It does not look good at all. 

  • Only way to make it more on the left(and the right at the same time) is increasing the Width of the whole website.
    It's called the "Grid Width", you can find it in the Theme Options > Global > General

  • That worked for me, thanks
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