Responsive theme looks aweful

I am not sure what can be going wrong, but I enabled the responsive theme and it looks pretty bad.  

1) There is a solid bar under the menu that takes up half the screen.  On the non-mobile site, it is small and looks file but when viewed in mobile it blows up to almost 100 px in height.  

2)the revolution slider doesn't scale correctly and looks minuscule compared to everything else.  

3)The logo and search button are also stacked which probably doesn't need to happen.  Is there a way to give the theme a smaller logo to use for the mobile site?

If there is a way to resolve these three things, it may look half decent.  

Please see example here on a mobile device:


  • Hi,

    1) This is a part of header background. If you don't like it, please turn on "Minimalist Header" option under Theme options > Layout > Header section.

    2) Your slider was probably made of border lines and that's why do not scale properly in responsive mode.

    3) Logo is currently small on mobile so we do not understand what you mean exactly.
  • 1) I put the minimalist style on and my whole responsive menu disappeared.  I had to take it off right away to put it back.  So that won't work.

    2) Not sure what you mean about border lines but I can try and figure out that that is.  It's not set to be full screen, I do know that.

    3) The logo is stacked above the search field and free trial button.  It's not ideal, but  I can probably live with that if the first two issues are fixed.
  • 1) Yes, it works. There must be something else if your responsive menu disappear.

    2) We mean that you made slider our of the the borders in rev slider section. There are borders inside which slider should be made. If elements are out of that section, then it won't work properly.

    3) This is how logo works on mobile and there is nothing special what we can do for you. If you want, only elements under the logo like search or action button can be removed on mobiles.
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