Logo Size

Please advise on how to make the logo bigger my current site is: www.gospel-tabernacle.org, I have attempted to update the CSS with the following: #Top_bar #logo img { max-width: 250px; } and that did not work.  Please help, I would like to make my logo bigger.


  • My login user: blogadmin, pass: Lotto@7477
  • When we try to open your website, this is what we get http://snag.gy/UfmJM.jpg

    However we ignored this info and we checked your website but we recommend to do something with your website because it looks like you got viruses.

    This logo is hard to increase because you use fixed menu and we don`t understand why you use this one. Much better will be "Classic" header in this case. But if you used fixed header, you must play with below css:
    .header-fixed #Top_bar { height: 80px; }
    .header-fixed #Top_bar #logo img { max-height: 65px; }
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