Fix for empty columns

Columns appear empty ( even when they are not ) . I have a WordPress 4.1.2 site using no plugins at all, just Betheme version 7.4. I tested importing content and making a blank page with just a column element. HTML or regular text, it did not matter, after I saved the column appeared empty. However if I looked at the textarea element with chrome developer tools I could see the text I entered was there!  It just looks empty but if I look at the page on the frontend the content appears.  Here is the solution I found to patch this up... Edit the options.js file in the /muffin-options/js folder,

after this line of code: 

// export link button

add the following lines: 

jQuery( '#mfn-wrapper .mfn-element-edit' ).one( 'click', function()  {
var popup_textarea_val = jQuery( '#mfn-popup .mfn-element-meta textarea' ).val();
jQuery( '#mfn-popup .mfn-element-meta textarea' ).val( null );
jQuery( '#mfn-popup .mfn-element-meta textarea' ).val( popup_textarea_val );


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