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Device size settings


How do I change the style sheet css parameters for tablet dimensions? When I rotate tablets sideways (landscape), the desktop version of the website is displayed rather than the tablet version. I'd like to increase the pixel requirements so tablets in landscape mode aren't shown the desktop page version.

Thank you!


  • No, I don't mean the menu. Each section gives you the chance to display content based on device (hide x and y, hide y and z, etc).

    When you rotate tablet devices such as an ipod from portrait to landscape, the website goes from displaying tablet content to displaying desktop content. It has to do with the pixel width settings. I believe I need to increase the width so that when the website is viewed on a tablet in landscape, it still displays the tablet content.
  • Ohh, so this is what you mean. But this is unfortunately not possible to do this because for that must be rebuilt theme files and all shortcodes.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • You really need to rethink that for a future release. This is extremely important.

    Tablets are used in landscape position just as often, if not more often than portrait position. That's the natural viewing position when Internet browsing.

    There are many features that are part of your theme that are incompatible like parallax background, fixed cover album covers, video, etc that do not function correctly on tablets as they do on desktop, and all of those functions display on tablets when they are in landscape position.
  • Do you know that some features like background videos or parallax are not compatible with mobile devices? It's not because we forgot about it but it is technically not possible to do it. So unfortunately some features won't work on mobile devices.
  • Yes, which is why it is great that you offer the Hide on Mobile and Tablet feature, and the Hide on Desktop feature. When used together, you can design the layout so that the website is viewed properly in both environments.

    But it is a huge oversight that you used such narrow parameters to define the "min width" of a tablet device. It's very rare that any desktop be less than 1200 pixels.

    I'm very surprised that when you defined the tablet screen width, you didn't account for a tablet being held sideways. It's how tablets are most commonly held when browsing the Internet.
  • My point is that the crossover from tablet to desktop should be larger pixel width than what you have it set at. You could have assumed a larger pixel width for tablet and had a better result.
  • Ok, we understand. We can add this suggestion on "todo" list but this needs but at this moment we got tons of other requests that must be done first and we can't add this quickly because this needs a lot of changes. That's why it won't be ready soon but we can consider it in the future. Thanks!
  • Thank you.
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