Section desapear

I built a one page site, but I'm having trouble when I add a section at the bottom of the page. 
When I add one, the other disappears, but if I change position it works in half, because for some reason the image disappears.
I have been using betheme for years and have never seen it happen before.
I realized that there is a PHP error on the theme control page, would that be the problem?

PHP Problem -
When I add a image, desapear when i save -

When I add a section with a map above the section with images, it works, but one image desapear. -

When I invert the position of sections and put images above the map, the map desapear, but the 2 images appear. The background never works in this section.

All these erros doesn't make sense to me. Please give me some light.

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