Section below Portfolio

We have created a portfolio page with numerous news clips. With Muffin Builder, we customized the header section. However, we also need to add a couple of sections with Muffin Builder below the portfolio. Is there a way to put a Muffin Builder section below the portfolio? Each time we add a section, it defaults to above the portfolio. Thank you. 


  • Hello,
    Unfortunately, not.
    You would have to use the "Builder" template, but it will remove all of the default content of portoflio.
    Instead, you will be able to insert your own Muffin Builder layouts.

    For this case, I prefer to use "import/export" tool (at the bottom of the builder, see screen:, which will fill your Muffin Builder content after few clicks (of course, you have to create a template, which let you create one universal builder grids and import it in the pages. Screen:

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