Background video on section

Hello, first off, we use your theme exclusively and find its quality far above others but we are having an issue in auto-play videos on iOS.

We have this page that we've written for our customer:

As you can see, it has an auto-play video background in the middle.  This video does not start on the iPhone and I can't figure out why.  It's a video without audio track mp4 and ogv file and it runs on MacOS safari.

Is there an option I'm missing?

Thank you,


  • We ended up making slides with slider revolution but we still have the section with video for you to test with.  The video as background in section is much more elegant than using the slider.

    Another issue with video in the background is it doesn't listen to the background alignment settings (top right no repeat, etc. etc.)
  • Hello,
    from some time now, the autoplay option on videos is blocked on most modern browsers. This especially apllies to videos with sound. Muted videos should autoplay fine, but still safari could create some issues. It is not possible to achieve with a Muffin Builder section. We disabled this option for mobile devices so only Revolution Slider is the way to playback video backgrounds.
    The background settings are only for background images. Video background are not able to be changed, they are always centered, this is a complely different thing and cannot be changed with usual CSS.
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