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Bethemes styles being overridden

On uploading a theme update,  the font sizes are suddenly reduced to 1px and line height 1px.  According to the inspector, it is coming from the index.  I tried importing the settings again from the Theme export backup but it didn't correct the problem.  The Navigation bar color is also being overwritten.  All the options in Theme settings seem to be correct  The live site had to be rolled back to the previous version to fix it.  Testing on a dev site, the same thing happens even if all the plugins are disabled. What can I do to get the theme working again?


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  • Here is the Dev site with the theme update installed.

    And here is the live site with the old version for comparison:
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  • You can rule out the Duplicator thing. This was originally tested on the  Live site with no migration. And when we did migrate it was Duplicator.
    We have already tried deactivating plugins. It had no affect.
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  • You do not appear to be hearing us.  The LIVE site WAS updated. It's on an entirely different server.  When it broke it had to be rolled back because it was live.   It was not migrated there via Duplicator. 

    When it was duplicated,  it was to a Dev site on an entirely different web hosting company.  I think it highly unlikely both web hosts would have the exact same issue triggering tiny font sizes.

    I contacted you via the form but I don't really see how that is going to help. The only thing I can tell you is that the previous theme we updated from was several years out of date. 
  • We have tracked down the problem in the CSS, but can not find where it is coming from.

    Please view the page source here on our DEV site:

    Go to line 47 which begins: <style id='mfn-dynamic-inline-css' type='text/css'>

    Continue to line 48. Near the end of a huge block of inline CSS code, you will find the following (see below). The BODY font-size and line-height being set to 1px is the problem.

    body {font-size: 1px;line-height: 1px;font-weight: 1;letter-spacing: 1px;}.big {font-size: px;line-height: px;font-weight: ;letter-spacing: px;}#menu > ul > li > a, a.action_button, #overlay-menu ul li a{font-size: 0px;font-weight: 0;letter-spacing: 0px;}#overlay-menu ul li a{line-height: 0px;}#Subheader .title {font-size: px;line-height: px;font-weight: ;letter-spacing: px;}h1, .text-logo #logo {font-size: 2px;line-height: 2px;font-weight: 2;letter-spacing: 2px;}h2 {font-size: 4px;line-height: 4px;font-weight: 4;letter-spacing: 4px;}h3 {font-size: 3px;line-height: 3px;font-weight: 3;letter-spacing: 3px;}h4 {font-size: 2px;line-height: 2px;font-weight: 2;letter-spacing: 2px;}h5 {font-size: 1px;line-height: 1px;font-weight: 1;letter-spacing: 1px;}h6 {font-size: 1px;line-height: 1px;font-weight: 1;letter-spacing: 1px;}#Intro .intro-title {font-size: px;line-height: px;font-weight: ;letter-spacing: px;}

    If I compare this to the live site the same inline CSS is there in the source code, but the font sizes and line-heights are drastically different for these classes. The only difference is that the LIVE site has the older version of your theme and the DEV site has the upgrade that we just purchased.

    The results were EXACTLY the same when we upgraded the theme on the LIVE site.
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