How to update Revolution Slider?



  • "go to betheme\functions\plugins folder and select"

    In this folder I find only one file - visual-composer.php.
  • If you want to update the revolution slider go to appaerance>install plugins and there you can install/update the plugins.
  • Are all non-preimium Revolution Sliders included with Betheme?  If so, where can I access the free SR template files, such as Photography Carousel?
  • You can install any slider using our pre-built website option. Just choose a template and import only the slider.
  • Hello. Seems that Revolution slider zip-files are not included in every Be-theme update zip I can download from Envato market. If I miss the version where Revslider newest version is included, I miss the update totally until next update comes up IF I remember to check the available updates almost daily (which I am not doing). I do not get any more the email notifications of new updates as I used to get during first 6 months after purchase. I do not update Be-theme every time you publish new version of it cause it happens so often. So it would help much if you could include latest plugin updates also in every Be-theme update zip-files.  Or is there any other way to find latest plugin files?
  • From version 20.0 you can update the theme from the dashboard of your wordpress, in the betheme tab. Just register the licnese and you can update the theme, install newest plugins and import pre-built websites with sliders. We are not including rev-sliders and plugin updates in the theme package.
  • I see a new version is available for slider revolution in plugins page but when i go to theme plugins, there is no update. Why don't you add the newest version to the repository? You have moved to this new structure for updating plugins, please do your best to actually update them.
  • Hi,
    the plugins that come bundled with the theme are all free and fully functional plugins but they are not premium. This means that you will not have automatic updates from the theme author, you would have to buy the plugin and pay the whole price.
    We first have to test the new plugin version and then add it to the bundle. So what you need to do is to update the theme and then go to betheme>install plugins. You will update and install any plugin.
  • I just downloaded the latest betheme package so I could  update the Revolution Slider but  I can't seem to find the file. Please help. Thanks!
  • Hi,
    we do not include the plugin files no more to the package. You will find your plugins in dashboard>betheme>install plugins and download/update them there.
  • it is saying that updates for the plugin are only available if you buy the plugin. Needs a license #. 
  • slider revolution will not install from dashboard.  I upgraded theme to most current and slider revolution did not install. Now when I try and install the slider revolution plugin it fails

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    Destination folder already exists. E:/web/public_html/kenansell/sportsmentaltoughness_ca/wp-content/plugins/revslider/

    Plugin install failed.

    how do I get this fixed?

  • The plugin revslider/revslider.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist.
  • fixed by FTP. deleted revslider folder under plugins, reinstalled plugin from dashboard then reactivated plugin.

    All working again
  • That's the only tool you'll ever need for backing up and moving your site. It's super easy, has integrated deployment and db rewrite script and plenty of advanced options if you ever need them:


    The only problem I've found are UTF-8 filenames (if there are any). If during a scan you'll see that the archive is too big or contains UTF-8 filenames, simply filter the /uploads/ folder and proceed normally. After successfull deployment just FTP missing files. Easy.
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    When I go into slider revolution it says I am on 5.4.6 but that version is now available. I cant update through that area.

    If I Go BeTheme > Installed Plugins it says there is no Update available for Slider Revolution
  • Hello,
    we have to test the plugin to make sure it is compatible and then we release it.  The plugins you buy with the theme are not premium plugins, if you want instant updates you have to buy the plugins separaetly.
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    I am trying to update Revolution Slider. I get an error from the update:
  • acwhitney

    There might be few different reasons, why you get this error and this has nothing to with the BeTheme itself. Below, we list some most probable causes:

    - your server might not support uploading different files than a .zip format
    - there is not enough space on the disc of your server
    - there is not enough memory on the server side, and only your admin/hosting provider will be able to check this in logs

    In both cases, you need to contact your admin/hosting provider. Just in case, we include few links below that may help you as well:


  • Where can I download the revslider plugin? Mine gave problem to update and I removed

  • the message appears when I try to install:

    "The package could not be installed. The plugin does not contain any files.

    Plugin installation failed"
  • Hi,
    this error "The package could not be installed. The package contains no files." means that you have not deregistered the website before moving. Please deregister it on both domains and register again on the new one. If this is not possible then please send a request 
    thru the contact form which is on the right side at
    Please attach your license key in the message.
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    when i try to install revolution slider it show me this: 

    Installing Plugin Slider Revolution (4/5)

    An error occurred while installing Slider Revolution: Download failed. cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 300001 milliseconds with 3164952 bytes received.

  • subratehp


    Please go to your FTP, create a php file with phpinfo() function inside and send us a link to that file privately thru the contact form which is on the right side at so we can have a look on your server settings. The problem is probably related to limits but to be sure which one is the reason, we need that link. For more details about file creation, please visit

    1. If you are chatting with support via email, please do not post here.
    2. Attach your license key and the WordPress admin login credentials.
    3. Send a link to this discussion, so the email support knows where to look.

  • Dear Muffingroup,
    I am trying to just update my Slider revolution (not my entire template). I currently have revolution slider  5.1 and would like to update to the latest version. I have downloaded the latest bethemes and unziped the file.  Where can I find  I am not able to find it under betheme/function/plugin folder.  Please advise.
  • Hi,
    you can install the bundled plugin from betheme>install plugins
    If the newest version is not available yet, please wait for it. We do not attach the plugins to the package, they are downloaded and updated remotely.
  • Where do I find the bundled plugin "betheme>install plugins"?  I had already installed these plugin few years ago when I purchased your theme.  I am currently running version 5.1 and the latest  version showing on my revolution slider page is 5.4.6. Even if you don't have the latest version, you will have a later version than the 5.1 that I have.  How do I upgrade to this version.  Is there a detailed documentation discussing the steps needed to do this?   Thank you
  • What is the current version of your theme?
    If it is old, then please update it to the newest version,
    Read more here
  • Hello,
    where i can find the to download for an update by FTP?
  • You can only download the plugins straight from the BeTheme > Install Plugins
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