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Now i downloaded the latest BeTheme code, it seems some of my recommendations incl static code has been taken up i was very happy to see this :-)

However i now have a follow up question, i know you do not provide custom theme support etc.
However i was wondering if there's a way where your Testimonials addon can actually be listed as a page aswell?
Where you have 2 - 3 colonms and list every testimonial you have on that page? 

I would love to have such a page (as just scrolling testimonial is fun and all but it won't impress my customers.. 5+ pages with 9 - 12 testimonials each will do the trick however).

Can you guys help or assist me in creating such page ? (or give tips on how to make such capability my self).

Second question.

I'm trying to make a sort of history tree like my current site. 
I was hoping if you got any advice for me on how to achieve this (with the most easy way possible)  i'm not afraid of shortcodes, etc aslong as it gets the job done without me having to create it from scratch.

What i'm seeking is something similar to:

at the bottom you will see a fadeup effect, with a image, date, and some small simple text.

I want to reproduce this from my old .eu site with your theme.
Can you guys assist or provide any tips on how to do this?



  • Hey,

    yes, we added some of your requests as we really take care of all our customers and we always try to add all of them :) Below we`ll answer on your questions.

    1. We think this should be easily done. If you want testimonials page with columns then this shouldn`t be a problem to do it. When you page, you can use for example Muffin Builder, inside you can put "Column" items, for example like below:
    Column 1/3 width | Column 1/3 width | Column 1/3 width
    and inside each column you can put "Blockquote" item using text/raw shortcode. And using it this way, you will be able to get what you exactly need :)

    2. We see this history section but we don`t see any fadeup effect with image. But in our opinion, the best way to do it will be "Timeline" item that you can check on http://themes.muffingroup.com/betheme/shortcodes/content-elements#timeline. Just have a look for example on this page http://themes.muffingroup.com/betheme/home/school?mfn-c=orange&mfn-l=school&mfn-f=Courgette and see how this could be used and how nice looks.

    Hope we helped you a lot :)
  • 1) But thats just a manual page, is there no way to automate it based up on the current testimonial content ? 

    I mean seems rather odd to have a full testimonial section in the backend but can only view 1 at a time in a scrolling tool in frontend.

    It should be possible to use the content entered in the testimonies --> automatically into that page too (or well.. i would highly recommend this as a feature request).

    For example what we have in our current theme is 2 things:
    - The scrolling testimonials for homepage etc
    - a page where you can select amount of colomns and it will push it into a page format with pagination.

    2) on key4ce.eu if you go down at the about page you will see a fade up effect during scroll .
    We have had nothing but good comments about that form of timeline.. where the timeline without image and simple text with no effect i am sure will not cut it (and will be received with bad comments if we replace it with what we currently have).

    It looks like that --> scroll down further and you will see a small fade up effect before the second one appears.

  • Got most of it working now, (using visual editior seemed to be the only way).

    however still struggeling with the animation effect.

    It appears your animations play regardless if you can see it or not.
    it doesn't wait with playing unless it's in the screen at all (making 90% of all animations not visable for a user).

    i'm trying to work out how my other theme does it, it appears they use js for this and a class before triggering the play effect. 
  • Sorry but we don`t understand what you mean exactly. BTW The page you send us and also screenshots does not belong to us as this is not our theme.
  • The page with screenshot was a example of what i'm trying to make.

    now i need (want) 2 things:

    1) Betheme --> WP-Admin --> Testimonials
    You got a entire section for entering testimonials.
    Now i want that section, with input from that area to show up in a page (much like portfolio, Clients etc). 

    While at the moment you only have 1 thing for showing testimonials --> the one that shows 1 at a time and can scroll over to the next.

    2) I already got it using html code HOWEVER i now noticed a major flaw with Betheme.

    You have added animations to functionality.. but those animations play directly on page load.
    it doesn't matter if you actually see it or not. 

    This is a huge flaw in design, as it means everything that is below the scroll bar has no use for animations as no one will see it happening due to it playing on page load.

    If you look over to my example key4ce.eu  --> it will show you it ONLY plays the animation IF your looking at it (so you get the nice fade in effect in history for each year for example as you slowly scroll down).

    Get what i mean?

    You want:
    - Load page --> Play animations you can see --> Scroll down a bit --> Play the new animations

    Your theme does:
    - Load page --> Play ALL animations --> scroll down a bit --> it's static content (animation has already played when the page was loading).
  • 1. This thing is not possible at this moment. But please leave your suggestion about this on http://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/discussion/113/your-suggestions-for-future-updates and we`ll try to add it in future updates.

    2. So the only possible way we see, is remove animations at all if this affect your page speed. For that you need to remove 2 below lines from functions/theme-head.php file:
    wp_enqueue_style( 'animations',        THEME_URI .'/js/animations/animations.min.css', false, THEME_VERSION, 'all' );

    wp_enqueue_script( 'jquery-animations',        THEME_URI. '/js/animations/animations.min.js', false, THEME_VERSION, true );
  • edited July 2014
    1) alright thank you, i will check it out.

    2) I think you mis understood.

    (please note it's a non-optimized site yet, will do that after pages are done).

    Now scroll down where you see something similar to the screenshot from my earlier post.

    they have the code:
    <li class="animate fadeInUp" data-anim-type="fadeInUp">
    for each year. (2013, 2012, etc).

    Now their supposed to load the "fade in up" effect as you scroll down.
    However as you can see it loads everything together, and almost no effect is given at all.

    I need the effect to take place as you see it.

    so similar to:
    As you scroll down a small effect will be shown for each object. 
    Rather then 1 effect on all objects at once.

    I consider triggering all effects at once a a "bug" as it's not visible for the end user at all, and it should be triggered as you see the object.
  • Ok, we see what is the problem now. Those elements does not fade up properly, because you created wrong html. Your html for li elements looks like below:
    <li class="animate fadeInUp" data-anim-type="fadeInUp">
    while it should be as below instead:
    <li class="animate" data-anim-type="fadeInUp">
    Hope this will help you now.
  • that worked like a charm!

    thank you very much for your help.

    And sorry that i wasn't to clear in describing my issue, i will do my best to improve it if there's a next time :-)

    Keep up the good work!.
  • Ok one more comment:
    Fade in doesn't seem to actually fade (it's 100% viewable from bottom up) 
    It mainly just seems to move from below to top thats about it.

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