Accordian font colors

Is there a way to alter the font colors for the Accordian tab dropdown tabs within the BeTheme options? Or is it done via CSS? Thank you. 


  • The active link is white, which is fine. But the default color is gray which I am trying to change. I do see where the active link color can be changed. 
  • Hi, (I am a user like you, I am not of Support Team),
    You must go to theme options <colors <Shortcodes <Accordion & Tabs Active Title color and choose the color you want
  • Hello,
    anden14 is right - the Theme Options > Colors > Shortcodes > Accordion & Tabs Active Title color is a good color for changing the active color of the accordion font color.

    But, to change the default color of accordion, please use this CSS code:
    Paste that code into the Theme Options > Custom CSS & JS > CSS
    .accordion .question:not(.active) .title{
    color:red !important;
  • Thank you. That worked perfectly. 
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