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Im using gravity forms, but it would be the sme question with contactform7.  I'm wondering if there is built-in functionality to add a form shortcode to a pop-up prettyphoto style jquery box.  I want to hit a button, and have it open the form in a lightbox.  Whats the best way to accomplish this?  Also, how can we add back the "x" in any lightbox popup (photo, vid, etc) to close the window?  I know you can just click off it to close it but we've found that to not be intuitive to everyone.




  • Hi Chris,

    we have tested CF7 with popup and it works fine. Just wrap cf7 shortcode into popup shortcode to get what you need.
  • Hi guys (and gals),

    I tried to implement the pop up form like you said here:

    the first button under the microtel logo, "contact us with your room demands", is a button shortcode that just links to a page with the form on it.  This page's form works correctly, and has ajax enabled for form submission.

    the second button, gForm popup test, pops open a lightbox with the form in it, but it doesn't work properly. For starters I cant change the color of the button or add an icon like the button shortcode to the popup shortcode. I like the look of the button better. (I also couldn't find documentation on the shortcode variables for "popup".)   Also, in the lightboxed form, the date pickers do not work, and also the form doesn't submit correctly.

    The very weird thing is that in the be theme footer options, I added a gravity form shortcode to the contact envelope icon section.  This form looks correct and also submits correctly with Ajax to get the submission confirmation message.  The forms are only going to me so you can send test forms from the envelope in the footer, or either form (pop up or page form).

    My guess is that the popup shortcode is conflicting with the gforms jquery but I really dont know.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  You also have admin access to my site still through a message from yesterday.


  • When you say gForm you mean Gravity Forms? Because if this is what you mean, then unfortunately those forms won't work with our theme. Plugin's author did not allowed to test his plugin with our theme so it can't be compatible.
  • What other forms do you suggest instead, then?
    thank you
  • We did not tested any so we can't suggestion anything. Sorry!
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