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Can not do the installation

Hi there,

I just bought the BE theme, after downloaded(there is no problem of downloading), and follow your instructions of installation,, I cannot see any installation button in the zip file and even I have tried to unzip all & uploaded to FTP, it doesn't work at all, please advise.



  • Hi,

    if you are not able to install theme, then you should re-install wordpress because this is not related with theme at all. More informations about common installation process you can read on
  • Thanks for your quick reply.

    I have tried and read the link you have mentioned, but I still cannot install it, please do understand that I'm the first time to use wordpress, a real begininer, would you mind to tell me, am i missing something to install your BE theme and what do you mean by re-install wordpress, may be this is the thing I miss, please advise.
  • But we rally have no idea how to explain it easier. We already explained as easiest as it is possible.

    Once again - when you go to Appearance > Themes > Add new, don`t you see "Upload theme" in the top of page, text to large "ADD THEMES" text? If you really don`t see it then you should re-install wordpress because maybe you got incomplete installation.

    We have no other idea how to explain it easier because we already "step by step" instruction.
  • Really appreiated your paitent.

    Do I have to download wordpress before I install BE Theme, would you please send me the link for correct version of wordpress for me to start, like I said on previous email, I have no ideas of wordpress and i have never try before.

    Please, I do really need advise of it.

  • Yes, you must download wordpress first because theme installation. All necessary informations about wordpress and download files you can get from
  • I just try to install the theme by "FTP Upload",but it shows the following error:"The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template." 
    LicensingStylesheet is missing.
    documentationStylesheet is missing.
    psdStylesheet is missing.
    revolution-slider-demoStylesheet is missing.

    How can I  install the theme completed.
  • We`ll write the same thing as we wrote above... Have you read this section? (there is explanation about common newbie questions about missing stylesheet). You tried to upload whole package from TF, while you should upload only right theme folder called betheme.

    Please also take a look on where this was described with step by step explanation.
  • Thanks for your email. I still have one problem: When I install the WordPress Importer,there is an error message:"Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2014/08. Is its parent directory writable by the server?"  How to solve it. Thanks.
  • In this case you need to contact with your hosting provider because directory is not writable and hosting provider must change privileges on this directory on FTP.
  • Thanks for your email.
    We found one problem today. I go to "Appearance - >Themes", then click "Customize" of  the theme of  "Be|theme" . And then it goes to wrong page which only show one sentence:Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8193 bytes) in /home/webdesig/public_html/demo/wordpress/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3888
    What does it mean?

  • It means, the problem is with your hosting. Server you got have not enough memory size and you need to contact with your hosting provider in this case because this is the only person who can help you. Your RAM on server should be increased.
  • Hi,

    How can I add a multilingual button, I mean I don't need a auto translation as I need to create another 3 languages.

  • Do you mean button with multilanguages as we got on our demo website or what?
  • Please see below link of the multilingual button :

    How can i add a multilingual button like the image shows.

  • edited August 2014
    We don`t have anything like that and for that you must rebuilt includes/header-top-area.php file but this should be done by website developer (someone who got html and css skills). For this theme, we got language selector what you can see on our demo homepage and this is the only possible button that we have.

    Thanks for understanding!
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