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Spacing issues

Hello, I'm working on this page and I can't figure out why there is such a huge empty space above and below the image/text when I view this page for ipad pro in the developer tools on chrome. I've looked through the sections and wraps and don't see anything obvious that is setting any extra padding or margins... Can you help me discover where the space is coming frrom?

Here's a screen shot of what I'm seeing:



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  • Thanks. I am now having other spacing issues that I don't understand on this page. When I view the page in developer mode, I'm seeing that padding is set to 328px on the top and bottom of the "What We Treat / How We Treat" section, but I can't figure out where that setting is to change it?
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  • OK... but that is not checked on this page and I'm still getting that weird spacing on ipad. What can I do differently?

    Question #2: I'm also getting weird spacing now on desktop view as well. See this screen shot... I set the padding at the top to 0, but still there is so much space between the nav bar and the image.

    One more question...
    As you can see in this screen shot, I'm also trying to get the text section and the image section on this same page to align well. Right now, it appears that they are both vertically aligning to the top of their section. I set the section to align center, but they are still aligning to the top and I can't figure out why... 
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  • Ok, I think #1 and #2 questions have been answered. But I'm still struggling question #3.

    I set equal height wraps in the advanced section of the section.
    Then I set the vertical align to middle in the wrap section. But still they look like this....
    btw, I'm now working on this page, but it's the same format as the last one I sent you a question about.
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