How to assign Anchor Link in the Muffin Builder?

Hi All,

How can I assign an Anchor Link using Muffin Builder?  Do I do it when editing a Section?  Or an Item?  Many thanks.


  • Hi,

    please show us what you mean because we do not understand your question.
  • Please check this page

    I would like to show a few graphic below the menu, as shown by the Gears labeled "Jump to (?)".  Currently, I am 'cheating' by using Trailer Box.  This section is to envisioned to be the "Journey Map" for the web visitor, for example a job applicant.

    By clicking on "Jump to (A)", I would like the page scrolled down to that section with the text "(A) The Right Partner.....", and so forth for the remaining 'Jumps'.

    From what I have read, this can be done by assigning Anchor Link/Tag within the 'About' page.  This is where my question is coming from.  Once I have marked the Anchor Link, I am thinking I could type in the anchor link in the Link field of the following screenshot of the Trailer Box (

    I also still need to figure out how to add a 'link' to jump to the top of the page for each "Jump to (?)" section.

    Does that make sense?

    Many thanks...

    PS: The breakdown of my test 'About' page is as below...
  • Yes, that makes sense but we are not sure what the problem exactly is. If you want to use links to right sections, section must have ID (we got ID field for sections included) but link must have # (hashtag), like:
  • Got it.  I missed the use or purpose of 'ID' field.  After entering the ID field I can jump to that section.  Thank you.
  • Aside from using Trailer Box, do you have any suggestions as to which type of item I can use?  What I envision is a cut up images into pieces, much like the Trailer Box, depicting stages (sample image

    The problem that I envision is that for smaller screens such as mobile, the cut up images would be split over a few lines, hence creating a disjointed image.
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