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How do I "center" my sections?

Dear support,

Loved your product but I need some help getting started.  I want to make a simple one-page site.  Nothing fancy. Mostly centering my stuff so it looks ok across devices.  I need it to be full-width.  I am having troubles centering my content.  Could you please take a look and let me know where I did wrong?

btw, as I'm new to wordpress as well, assuming I need to edit some code to the page (it's a static page but wordpress still don't give it a physical form yes?), which file should I look at?  do I copy it to betheme child folder and edit it there?

Thank you for your time.

SY Lim.


  • Hi,

    we do not recommend to modify files and also we do not offer those kind of customizations. We only provide custom css which is safe. However as we see you created this page completely wrong. Why you can't install one of our demos and check how demos were done? We also recommend to check documentation because what you did so far is not how we build pages. Also it's not possible to center this content within custom css.

  • edited May 2015

    Thanks for the prompt reply. As advised, i will go thru your demo and will try to copy the method from there.  However, could you help me take another look at the site and let me know why my product picture (on 2nd page) has a faint border?  How do I remove that?  Thanks.

  • Please ignore my previous message. I have found the problem.  Thanks.
    (The page was cache so I didn't see the fix earlier)

  • Ok. We're glad to hear that you found it.
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