Custom CSS textarea code not colorful

Hey Guys!
Is there a way to change the color of the actuall custom css code in the textarea so it would be easier to find a typing error. Like if you inspect a code arguments, classes etc have their own color, so its more practical to write a code without making a mistake. Do you know what i mean?

Thank you!


  • Hello,
    You can change all of the colors of the forms (including textarea) in the Theme Options > Colors > Forms

  • Hey Pablo

    Well, that doesnt solve my problem.
    find below a link with pictures. hope that helps to describe my problem a bit better.

  • You will not be able to add all of these css codes to be "inline css" (which means, that css code is near the html tag in style parameter) because some of them are added dynamically.

    Also, using inline css code is not really SEO friendly, we strongly suggest to keep css code in the Theme Options > Custom CSS & JS > CSS
  • Thank you Pablo.
    Well yes, i know that and therefore all my CSS code is in the Theme Options > Custom CSS & JS > CSS.

    I think you just misanderstand my question. the visable fond color in Theme Options > Custom CSS & JS > CSS, so when I add my code in that field,  is all the same. Its not changing based on my code I am writing "livetime". I have seen Themes, where the code was easier to read while I was typing it due to the different colors - therefore the picture with the google chrome inspector as an example.

    But never mind. I guess its not adjustable.

  • It should change if your code is proper, also, did you use the !important rule?
    See, something similiar to this:
    #someid{color: red !important;}
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