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Background Not Showing on Mobile

edited April 9 in Files & images
I'm having an issue on mobile where the global background is not showing.  There are areas of content that are transparent, so the fixed global background shows beautifully on desktop, but on mobile it disappears.  I've tried my best to understand this problem and I'm unable to. 


  • By the way, it seems to show on Android, but not iPhone.
  • For some reason now it shows, but the background is blurred on mobile
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  • Thank you for replying. 

    Another question on an unrelated note.  We've noticed that with One Page websites especially, when there is too much content, the page just breaks.  This has caused a lot of frustration for some time now, just wondering if you guys are working on that or if it will ever be fixed?
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  • Yes I have encountered that issue as well, but have resolved that with that solution.  But no, that's not what I'm referring to.

    When using the Muffin builder, adding too many wraps will cause the builder to essentially break.  When you save the page and view what was done, the page cuts off at a certain point. It will even remove content below a certain point in the builder.

    For example, this is a one page website that was created:

    There is a section where the client offers her service.  At one point, she was offering a discount on those services, all of which needed new buttons created.  So, to save time in redoing the section in the future, we turned off the section with the original buttons and turned on the cloned ones with the new buttons and discount pricing.  This section was cloned twice, to accommodate different sales/pricing she had going on. After cloning it a second time, that section of the website broke.  It wouldn't display the rest of the content. 

    A clone of the homepage was created here:

    This is the page that has the services section cloned.  The cloned sections are turned off.  However, because the builder breaks at a certain point, the cloned section that is actually turned off on the back end, is still displaying.  But it cuts off.  The rest of the section does not show, nor does the instagram feed below it.  (See the original home page on

    This has happened in many websites we've built with a lot of content on one page, so it's not singled out to this situation.  The same thing happens every time.  Once there's too many wraps, the builder breaks and will not display it past a certain point.  The only thing that alleviates the issue is removing content.

    This has been happening for at least two years now working with Betheme.  We love the theme and hope that one day someone fixes this.
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  • Hi!

    I am working on a page that contains two images which I have set as section backgrounds. They look great on desktop, but they are not visible on mobile.

    Within the page itself, I have the first image (reaching to the left edge) set to Background Position: "Left Bottom | no-repeat", Style: "Columns | remove vertical margin","Highlight | right". For the second image (reaching to the right edge), Background Position: "Right Bottom | no-repeat", Style: "Columns | remove vertical margin","Highlight | left". 

    I was unsure if this needed to instead be adjusted on the global theme settings under Responsive > General? 

    Thank you!
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