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Hello - I've entered the google ad site tag in the designated "SEO" block under Betheme settings. I would like to track conversions on several pages and need to enter the conversion code tracking snippet. Is there a designated place to enter this under theme settings? Or does this have to be applied in the code editor for the specific page on which I'm trying to track conversions? If so, could you provide me with steps how to find the correct place. Could you also provide a couple of screen shots? Thanks. 


  • Hello,
    Which tracking snippet? Can you show me on a screenshot how it look like?
    But, if you would like to insert some code in the body tag on every page, just go to the Theme Options > Global > Hooks, there you will find several fields where code can be inserted - like before, after opening body tag or before, after opening the content div.
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    Sorry - How do I share a screen shot in this box? I tried to share the code directly in the message, but seems like your security settings prevent that. 
  • Just upload it on some image hosting and send us a link to that screenshot in your next reply.
  • Here's the link. This is the "conversion code snippet". This is meant to track conversions on specific pages on our website. Where fo I enter this?
  • Hey,
    paste that code into theme options>SEO, in any of the fileds and it should work fine. If it does not, pleaae leave it pasted and send us a link to the page.
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