Padding Issues in Muffin Builder Items

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When I am adding an Item in Muffin Builder, (example: 1/3 Column, 1/3 Blog News, 1/3 Column), the Blog News padding is different the Column items and thus the horizontal alignment of the columns (once published) is different. The two items, Column and Blog News, do not top align appropriately. [I tried searching a solution in the discussion forum but have not seen the same issue.] 

We are using BeFinance and the Items are 1/3 Column, 1/3 Blog News, 1/3 Column. The first 1/3 Colum and the last 1/3 Column are aligned properly, however as you can see from the screenshot below, the Blog News is aligned too high. I have not tried other Item elements and compared them to see if their alignments are different from Column.

Further Note: You can also see from the screenshot below that Blog News is not pulling some of the text (excerpt) from the blog post "Hello World" and posting that in the Blog News. It would be nice to have an "excerpt" field in Blog News option to allow users to add custom (exerpt) text.

Thanks for a great theme and your hard work.  Congrats on its success!!



  • Hi,

    please send us url to page where you got those items and we'll have a look on it.

  • Ok.  I sent a private message with the URL.  Thanks in advance.
  • On a side note, is there a way (without installing the other demos) to see how to incorporate the elements of other items on other demos? For example, BePolitics has "Our Slogan" on the bottom in a column area, or in BeCallCenter (halfway down) there is an element that has "FOUNDER'S MESSAGE", and I wanted to inspect that element in MuffinBuilder.  To put it in another way, is there a way to find out what html code / content is in the Item (e.g. Column in MuffinBuilder) so we can replicate that and build off of it?

  • To do this, you must create new wordpress installation where you can import demos to check how things were done. Without importing it's not possible.
  • That's what I thought.  Not a problem.  Thanks!
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