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be theme set featured image as sub header

Hi ,

In your docs
In 3.1 it specifiaclly says
 You can also upload different header images for different pages using the Set featured image option.

Now I am confused, as I have featured image set for every post...and none set for header image in theme options? So should it just not default to each featured image? How can I do this?

Also - which setting image should I have to ensure resize but whole image is seen


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  • ok, but how can I set the default size of this header image? it only seems to have contain or cover. I want to be responsive and show entire image? 
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  • hi, 

    We can use this page as example:

    The featured image is used as sub-header as is ideal... but its only showing small about (whole width). How do I set to make height more?
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  • Ok, thats what I was looking for :) 

    Is there a way to set globablly the contrast / darkenthe subheader so white title is always readable? 

    Transparency (alpha) below does not seem to work
  • Also 

    1. How Can I change related posts as I don’t want to to say date… and I want to remove the ‘line; and then box with symbol and read more. Since post is clickable as well as image.
    2. On my catagories page it is somehow picking up my ‘home page’ page and placing there, - then its listing all my other categories before posts in that category? How do I change this setting … 
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  • 1) I just chose a different picture which was darker. I guess this will work. I can see in muffin builder there is way to set sub-header for each post and remove featured image from view. Is there an option of CSS solution to set this automatically for all posts? I have over 1500 across the sites I use this theme with …

    2) This worked but only for date. EG on ; - at related posts where it says ‘read more’ with the four dot icon and blue box…I want all this gone? Just related post / image / post title … or if this is not possible how can I change the icon and box shape as its very ugly

  • 3) Yes I deactivated all plugins and cleared cache and was still coming? 
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  • 1) Ok. Ill just custom figure out each. 
    2). worked perfect. thanks. 
    3) Ahh - the page is far too much to screen shot but - this is a category page. But it is displaying first my home page, including slider, then even after than it has a list of all my catagories “ All

    “ Etc 

    Then it has the posts under this category. All it should be displaying is the posts straight away… etc 50 Top Things to Do in Vienna When You Visit Austria’s Imperial Capital! ????????, etc etc - I don’t know which setting on BE theme is forcing this but as I said above, I have turned off all plugins and is still showing up??

    4. Is there is php or css solution to this issue in showing related posts. Basically my posts are sorts by categories and sub categories etc. So I have one posts under categories Destinations, Europe, Austria  etc. When it comes to ‘related posts’ I want it to display first those in same, sub header, or if not enough, then further up hierarchy? I used YOAST which sets primary category but I believe this is just a feature on the post and does not actually integrate with Be theme? Is it possible to use this, or failing that a code that shows first posts matching 3 of the same categories, then two, then one? So the posts are most related? Because at the moment it just shows those by date on top-level category which are not at all relevant? 

  • related to 4, or failing both these options... can I make it use tags? 
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  • Ok thanks so much, all of that makes sense. Final question and then everything is perfect. 

    1. For sub-headers you said it is not possible to add CSS to make text stand out against all pictures? I want to be think this - where each post has the white text but there is a semi-black layer on bottom so you can read against every background? Like here is too hard to read post title on subheader  but is ok on categories display where there is darker image? Especially on mobile it is too hard…

    I think this blog runs be theme and has done . …

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  • edited June 4
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