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Dont get an answer of my private message to support!

Dear support

I send you
for over a month a private message and I don´t get an answer until now.
Is there something get wrong? Or does
it always take so long to get an answer? Or are private messages not really
answered? I pay for support, so I don't think it's okay, if I have to wait so
long for an answer. I would prefer to discuss my problem in a private message. The
support for the other themes I've had before, was straightforward and I always
got an answer within 1 to 2 days. So how it works here to get a soon answer?



  • One problem is
    to get the same headlines (front size and syle) and the position of the
    headlines with the revolution slider and the headlines of the usual theme
    module. Also, in the responsive function. How can I solve this?
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  • Hello,
    hm, sure there is a lot solved here, but not all. The problems I had before, that I solved myself, I can´t find a solution here. So it need me more time to solves by myself and I had wish I had more support that moment.
    Sure I will send you the link to the website, but how?
    Because the website is online, but not open to the public and I dont want to post here in plublic the passwort.
    best reguards
  • Social Media Shortcut issue: I use this code from your forum:
    [icon_bar icon="icon-whatsapp" link="" target="_blank" size="" social="whatsapp"][icon_bar icon="icon-youtube"  link="" target="_blank" size="" social="youtube"][icon_bar icon="icon-linkedin" link="" target="_blank" size="" social="linkedin"][icon_bar icon="icon-xing" link="" target="_blank" size="" social="xing"]

    But the social media button are differn´t from the buttons in the footer. I like to have the buttons like in the footer - that means without background and the social icons in black. How can I do that?

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  • What you mean by would have to edit the theme files? Is there no shortcut for use footer's social in that way?

    And how can I send you my password, so you can see my revolution slider issue online?
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  • edited June 29
    my boss is not pleased that I am posting passwords here and so she is a little annoyed with the support she finally paid for. Nevertheless here you can find the website  and password for you:  - please hide it soon as possible.

  • So there are some issues:
    1. the responsive of the theme doesn´t work correct.
     - fontsize doesn´t resize.
     - pictures doesn´t resize (most of them are cut off when the browser window is reduced)
     - the button doesn´t resize correctly (makes a second row)
    2. the revolution slider text (healine) isn´t in the same postionen and fontsize like the healine of the topscreen. (I use the same parameters and size.)
    3. the social media buttons issue (please give me a correct description because i am not a programmer - which code should I insert exactly where?)
    4. look here:  under the gallery are two references (text) and we would like to have a dark gray distance between the two texts - to match the distance of the gallery. How can I do that?
    5. the pictures of the gallery (on different sites) are sometimes blurry. Which issue can have it? For us it is very important that the images are displayed clearly and well.

    Hope you can help me to solved all these issue.
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  • Hi,
    1,2) What you mean by this issue? I just use the padding under option to position the headline, where we like it to have. I don´t understand the problem here?
  • Or how I have to position the headline?
  • And what have these paddings to do that the pictures not correctly resize (where cut of a bit)?
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  • edited June 18
    Ok. I understand. So I must think about to solved it in another way, because for notebooks and big screen I need the padding size with 200px. Its really uncomfortable that there is no option for reducing the padding for mobile. But at least it is not the issue what I mean. Ok, I try to explain, the fontsize of these heading didn´t rezise - it means like if I had a fontsize from 40px on a big screen, so I have also 40px on a small screen. And also the whole text doesn´t resize too.

    On the Landingpage alle the image doesn´t size correctly (only the slider resize correct). You can see it best at the last background picture.
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  • Yes, its "on". Like on you screenshot.
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  • Ok, I see. There is a resizing, but actually so little that I didn't notice it. Can I adjust the value of resizing? How to do it?

    And whats about the problem with the picture resizing? How can I solve these issue?

    best reguards

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  • If I set the browser-window small, the image will cut, here you can see:
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  • It was set on to cover. Why it is normal behavior? The theme I had before hasn´t this behavior, always show the whole image in a smaller size. It feel like this theme is not really responsive. Or is this issue only about that was an background image?
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  • Well, I see, than its maybe different, because it´s an background image. By using revolution slider it´s possible.
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  • I had a new issue with my revolution slider. The slider dont work, it dont slide anymore and also the arrows dont show on the page. Can you help me?
  • About is issue: 4) You have to change the color of the background of column item and attach padding, not the wrap.

    I dont understand your meaning. Can you expain it?
  • About: 3) You have to edit the theme files to change the socials icons to
    other, you have to find the place (footer) and attach a shortcode there
    or apply the html code.

    You mean I have to go to theme option to footer and attach a shortcode there
    or apply the html code there? But I dont want to have the social icons in the footer. I only want the same social icons from the footer place in the site under a text.
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