Social Bar & Search Box

Hello - great theme. I just have a couple questions:

1) Is it possible to switch the transparent social media icons in the header and footer with the Social Bar (image:

2) How do you change the color of the search bar text? I'm trying to make it a white background with black text. Perhaps I'm just missing the obvious. 

Thank you


  • Hey,

    1) in the header and footer sections it is not possible because they works as shortcodes but those one in header and footer are done with html. You can only use them in widget section or inside content just like on demo website. But this is good suggestion for future updates. We`ll think about it.

    2) You can do it using below css:
    #Top_bar .search_wrapper { background: #FFF; }
    #Top_bar .search_wrapper input[type="text"] { color: #000; }
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