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Navigation arrows color?

Hi there! I started out using the BeSketch theme and have made changes to it.

In the Muffin Builder, inside the Edit area of a Section, there is a option called "Navigation" which has the option to set it Arrows, which is exactly what I need. But I have changed the background color for my page and cannot see the arrows (although they are functional, they are not visible). How can I change the color for these arrows?

Thanks in advance for the help!


  • Hey,

    please send us url to page where you got these arrows and we'll have a look on it.

  • Hello,

    Here's the link the to page. You can see the bottom arrow on the first page, as it is on a white background (although I would like to make this arrow black). And you can use the arrows on the second "page" when you scroll down (who are we?) although they are not visible (would like to make them white).

  • Ok, we see what you mean. But if you want to setup different arrows colors per different sections (black or white), first you must setup classes names for sections. If section is white, then please setup class name section-white-black-arrows but if section is black setup section-black-white-arrows. When you do this, let us know and we'll show you how to use custom css for those section.
  • Hi! I've updated the class names for all sections. What's next?

    By the way, thanks for the help :)
  • Ok. So now you can use below css to change their colors:
    .section-white-black-arrows .icon-up-open, .section-white-black-arrows .icon-down-open { color: #000 !important; }
    .section-black-white-arrows .icon-up-open, .section-black-white-arrows .icon-down-open { color: #FFF !important; }
  • Great! That worked perfectly.

    Again, thanks for the help!
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