Advice in the shop

I put an advice on my shop but it is coming out just a white line.
Could you kindly let me know how to adjust it?
I attach the page where I enter the advice and the page where it is coming out.
And is it possible to have this advice only in the shop page and not in homepage that it is different from the shop?
Thanks in advance
Best regards


  • Hello,
    This is the Store Notice information which can be changed in the customizer

    About changing it visually, you have to use the CSS code.
  • Hello Pablo,
    thanks for your reply.
    Maybe I dont' explain myself in the correct way.
    I've entered the store notice as per indication in the customizer, but is coming out a white line. Maybe the text is white too but I dont' know where to change it.
    Do you have any idea how to do it?
  • Could you enable it se we can see it all the time? We need to inspect the code.
  • Hello Brayan,
    I have entered the store notice.
    Please find a screenshot on which I put some questions.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Please paste that CSS code into Theme Options > Custom CSS & JS > CSS
    .woocommerce-store-notice u, a{text-decoration: none !important;}
  • Hello Pablo,
    I entered the code but nothing has changed ...
  • I do not quite understand what you want to achieve.
    I removed the lines on text, as you advised:

  • Hello Pablo,
    I'm very sorry for the misunderstanding and for waste your time.

    What is happening is that when I enter the store notice is coming out a white space at the top of the header and the store notice is overwriting the logo of the store.
    Please find the image before entering the store notice (if you see the header is all black).

    When I enter the store notice there is a white space and the store notice appears just below covering the logo.

    What I would like to have is that the store notice appears at the top of the header, and if it is possible with background not in violet but in white or gray.

    To be honest I tried also to use the "Action bar" that it is coming out exactly where I want but the problem with the action bar is that, even if I change the abckground color in the theme option, is still not working and the action bar is not clearly visible.

    Thanks for your help!
  • Okay, I do understand now.
    Please use this css code instead of the old one:
    .woocommerce-demo-store{margin:unset !important;}
  • Hello Pablo,
    I thank you very much.
    I put the CSS you gave me.
    As soon as I add it, everything was ok.
    Now the white space on the top of the header has gone but the store notice is not anymore at the top of the header.
    I leave it in this way.
    Could you kindly let me know how to change the backgraound color and text color of the store notice, because has I told you I try on the theme option but it is not working.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Please use this css too:
    p.demo_store{background:red !important;}
  • Hello, thanks!
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