Hide text message "Do you like it?"


how do I remove / hide the text "do you like it?" near heart icon?



  • On what page you got it? Please explain.
  • Sure!
    in the blog page. Next to the heart-icon, the text "do you like it?".

    And is possible to change the heart-icon? replace the heart-icon with the hand symbol like the kind that used by facebook?


  • Ok, please use below css then:
    .post-footer .button-love span.love-text { display: none; }
    But to change heart icon, you need to modify functions/class-love.php file. What you need to do is replace below line:
    return '<a href="#" class="mfn-love '. $class .'" data-id="'. $post->ID .'"><span class="icons-wrapper"><i class="icon-heart-empty-fa"></i><i class="icon-heart-fa"></i></span><span class="label">'. $output .'</span></a>';
    return '<a href="#" class="mfn-love '. $class .'" data-id="'. $post->ID .'"><span class="icons-wrapper"><i class="icon-thumbs-up"></i><i class="icon-thumbs-up"></i></span><span class="label">'. $output .'</span></a>';
  • thanks! Great! 
    can you change the color only of the icon-thumbs-up?

  • You can do it using below css:
    .post-footer .button-love .mfn-love i { color: #000 !important; }
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