Center the content of a wrap / section

How can I center the content of a section or wrap ? I have these two columns and want to center them, without adding two more columns.



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  • can't see the image but when I edit it's there. Let me know if you can see it allright? 
  • Hello,
    It depends what you have in column, but usually you can insert a little bit padding on left and right and use the text-align on center.
    What exactly you inserted into the column item?
  • I have two columns next to each other, containing normal text content. I can't use centered text, I want the two columns to be shown centered.

    If I use two 1/6 placeholders left and right with two 1/3 columns, the columns become small very fast when when watching on a tablet for example. I'd rather have two 1/4 columns next to each other that are centered but there are no placeholders with 1/8 width.

  • Can you send me a link to your website?
    I have to check some settings you provided into the theme.
  • of course.
  • You turned on the "Full Width" option for the section, when you want to have it always centered, you should avoid this option, when it will be limited to grid, then it will stick to the center ;)

  • but then there is no way to have a background full width then? Or is there another way for that? 
  • If you will set the "Background Size" to "Cover", it will be always full width, even without "Full Width" option enabled.

  • O wow, that would probably help! Gonna try that. 
  • It is true the background is full width when selecting 'cover' but the two columns don't center if I switch off 'full width' on the section and delete my placeholders. They align left.

    I need to move the second section up 150 pixels to cover the header photo so I can't use the background on the wrap because it doesn't contain that option. 

    If you look at my page, do you have an advice on the blocks and how I used your features or is this the only way to achieve this look? 

  • You would have to send me a screenshot of how you would like it to look like because I do not quite understand what the issue is right now.
  • Easy, two columns centered with a full width background without having to use two placeholders. 

  • Please use or to upload the image and attach a link. The one you did is not working.

    The background for a section is always full width. So just create a section, insert two columns 1/2 and thats it.
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