WYSIWIG editor in columns

Is is possible to use a wysiwig editor in the content column blocks? My client doesn't want to work in the code.



  • Hello,
    You have to use the "Visual Editor" item instead of the "Column" item.
  • AHA! thanks. (I couldn't imagine there wasn't a solution for this.. ;-)
  • Hey man,

    If I use the visual editor in stead of the column item I don't have all the options with text align, background, margins, that the column block does. I have to replace all columns by visual editor blocks, how do I make sure the design will look the same? 
  • Of course, all of the settings coming from the column item will be lost, but the content will be the same.
    Just be sure, that you paste the content from column, in the "text" visual editor.

  • Thanks, but how do I preserve the settings? Of course the content will be the same, but without the settings the site will look completely different. 
  • You won't be able in easy way, you will have to wrap it in some <div> and create a CSS rules for it.
    Our column item do that stuff.

  • Pablo,
    That is disappointing. I specifically asked if anything made with the columns could be achieved with the wysiwyg editor so my customer could do the editing. Apparently this is not the case. 
  • Hello,
    Unfortunately, the visual editor is just a basic WordPress
    classic editor, we were not able to mix column item features with this

    They are two separate items with different options. Sorry about that, but our hands are tied in this case.

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