No Automatic HTML / CSS Tags in Builder

I really do like your theme although I think your layout builder is not as advanced as the Visual Composer. There is definitely room for improvement and would make your theme perfect.

What I found MOST ANNOYING was the fact that I need to know CSS and HTML in order to format the text elements in your layout builder. I had to create the text elements in Dreamweaver and then copy / paste them into the text boxes. I was really not interested in adding all tags manually.

Unless I have missed something. Then I apologize for this comment.


  • Hi,

    we already replied on your question in comments section on marketplace but we`ll re-paste this message here as well:

    We understand what you mean but we think that you missed one very important item which will be the best for you and you don`t need to create in Dreamweaver. This is “Visual Editor” item and it works similar to default wordpress editor. Inside you don`t need to know any html or css and everything can be created on Visual side.

    Hope this will help you a lot :)
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