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creating a portfolio page

How can I create the page in the link. Wp Bakery I use the page builder


  • Hello,
    I do not understand, what you mean the page in the link?
    Can you explain it greater?
  • I want to create a page like the link

    I want to create a portfolio page

    Wp Bakery I use the page builder
  • Hello,
    You do not have to use the WPBakery page builder to create that kind of layout.
    Please create a page for main portfolio page, and set the template as portfolio type

    Then, select the "Masonry Minimal" layout in Theme Options > Blog, Portfolio & Shop > Portfolio

    That's all, now you can create portfolio items in "Portfolio > Add New", and your items will be listed there like on the example you sent ;)
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    Can you please elaborate on how to create a simple masonary grouping of images on a page that may have other content as well.
    1. What do I do in the new 'Portfolio' to tell it which images to select from? (Your last paragraph above).
    2. I don't understand the different references to 'Portfolio' between selecting Portfolio template, the Portfolios in the left menu (which presumably allow multiple 'Portfolios' to be created.
      , and the 'Portfolio' item in the page builder.
    3. As there is a single Portfolio page chosen in the Blog, Portfolio Shop / Portfolio option, does this mean there can be a portfolio on just one page, despite the availability to create multiple 'Portfolio' objects?
    4. Must I use a new page to get this working? I have an existing Photo Gallery page, I want to add a masonary porfolio to this existing page, then I can kill the existing photos.
    5. I just don't see how these things all knit together, and my patience for trial and error has expired!
    I have added what I understand you have described above to this page, but nothing. The nine images on display are placed there as image objects.

    The documentation manual makes no mention of how to select the content, and how to categorise content for using a subset of the total media library.

  • 1) There are two things that you can select, the feature image (main image) and image gallery (inside the content)
    Featured image:
    To add image gallery from Muffin Builder, you have to switch to the "Builder" template first.

    2) The difference is, that options from Theme Options will work only on the "Portfolio" template.
    Portfolio item does not inherit any of these options, you have to select all settings in the options of that item.

    3) I do not understand at all, the "Simgle Portfolio Project" is a section, there is no option to select single portfolio page there, you can only select the main portfolio page there, where all of the portfolio items are listed.

    4) Yes, you have to create new page for a portfolio feature.

    5) Main portfolio page have a lot of single portfolio projects, you can enter on any of them and you will see the portfolio item.
    This is a basic custom post type, in wordpress this type of post types are regular.

    We know, that documentation is outdated, but we are currently working about the new one which will be better place for getting knowledge about the BeTheme :)

    If you have some other questions, feel free to ask.
  • I may have been barking up the wrong tree - with all the layout options (masonary etc), I assumed that Portfolio was a way of presenting images. I see however that I can achieve this with a simple Image Gallery item, then select Masonary layout.

    So, two questions.
    1. Why are my Image Gallery items so big ( - the two rows towards the bottom), when I have selected Thumbnail, and I have the standard 150px size for thumbnails selected?
    2. What is the purpose of Porfolio?
  • 1) You have to change the size of the size of the images.
    There are many types of featured images in the theme, here are instructions for changing them:
    1. To change the size of the images used in portfolio/blog, please navigate to theme options>blog,portfolio&shop>featured image.
    2. To change the size of the default WordPress gallery images, please go to settings>media.
    3. To change the woocommerce images size please go to the customizer tool in wordpress and change it in the front-end.
    More information HERE
    Remember to use thumbnail regeneration after you make your changes. Otherwise, the images will not change their size.

    2) It's like a blog, but for showing what you made, like websites, things from wood and much more.
  • Actually, I note that the size of the images simply expands to fill the available space. When I change it to 8 columns, then they are all smaller. It makes sense now.

    Still don't get the Portfolio thing, some examples in the new manual might help. Simply saying what all the configurations do (which is largely self-explanatory) without showing some examples is insufficient.

  • The configuration of the portfolio item is nearly the same as the configuration of the blog of the wordpress.
    You can see some examples of portfolio here, in the splash page:

    As I said, it's just for displaying your product or stuff you made.
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