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Testimonials on mobile

edited July 16 in Theme support

We are using the default built in testimonials page element from BeTheme for our website.

We have a problem on mobile. The name of the person is under the dots. -

Is it possible to remove the dots or to move them down so it doesn't get below the name?

Website link -


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  • Thank you for the solution! Everything is perfect!

    I have a couple more bugs that we need to fix:
    1. Can the blogpost layout be different? I want the Published by, tags, categories and all posts elements to be under the post. 1st should be the image. 

    2. My website logo is not centered on mobile. How can I fix that? It is centered in the BeTheme Header builder admin panel.

    I'm attaching both screenshots in a single imgur link -
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  • 1) I'm pretty sure it can be done with css order ( but I'm not sure on which element to set it and what is the main container so I can set display: flex; to it.

    2) Can you please provide me with a guide or atleast a screenshot of the option. I cannot find it.
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  • 1) Alright, will leave it as it is for now.

    2) This menu is not active for me, since we are using the BeTheme Header Builder plugin. The bug is appearing exclusively on mobile. On desktop the logo is arranged to the left, but on mobile it should be in the exact center.

    You can check the settings here - ;
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  • 2) The logo is aligned in the center in the admin panel - but it is not centering the logo in the website.

    One more thing:
    3) The menu pages on the bottom are unclickable. When you try to click them the phone navigation buttons appear. The page cannot be scrolled further so the buttons are unusable on mobile. - How can we fix that? Can we change the line height of these texts so they stack closer to each other and stop leaving the viewport?
  • edited July 20
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  • edited July 22
    2) This CSS is centering the logo, but moving the menu button out of the screen. I tried removing the code but the centering and the new problem remains. Tried adding the menu button again but it's still out of the viewport. Please let me know how to get the menu button back to the screen, it's more important than having the logo centered at this point, as it is the website's main navigation. The problem is appearing on just a few pages - home, contacts and probably some more. On the other half of the pages, the menu is looking as previously - not centered, but the menu button is in the viewport.

    3) Decreasing the font-size helped with the current problem. Thanks.
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  • edited July 24
    2) I added the code once again and the bug is appearing again. The browser I use on my mobile phone is Google Chrome - the device is Samsung Galaxy S10

    Will leave the code running so you can check it out. Please check multiple pages as it doesn't run on some of them for some reason.

    4) We agreed that we can't move the blog post navigation down, but can I make it invisible?
    I tried removing it with the following CSS:
    .column .one .post-nav .minimal {
    display: none;

    .column .one .post-header {
    display: none;

    In the Chrome Developer tools it so hiding them, but when I deploy the code to the website - nothing happens.

    Link to the webpage where you can check the elements:

    Elements to remove:
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  • Hello,

    2) I'm not exactly sure how it got bugged. It was fine the first day after deploying the CSS, but on the next day it was bugged as in the screenshot. When I remove the code - the menu button goes down to normal, but when I use the code it goes up again by itself.

    4) I have removed the square from Theme options but the provided CSS code does nothing about the information. 

    Additional question - Can I make the feautured image appear as a static one? I want it to be full width or atleast full size of the image. The zoom option is not needed. Can we make it atleast the width of the content and not zoomable? If we fix that, the information panel shouldn't be a problem as I've moved it to the top and it doesn't take up that much space anymore.
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  • The layout for the blog is ok now, I've removed the info and square buttons and added the image from the builder

    The problem with the menu navigation button on mobile is still existent after removing the bracket. I've deleted the cache from the website. Also, I tried it on another smartphones - on Samsung Galaxy S9 the problem appears. On Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 the header is ok. 

    Is it possible that the bug comes from the height set on the header and the current positioning from the CSS? It's currently set to 80 - I think the positioning attaches the item to its parent container, hence top of the header, which is out of the viewport. Can we add (top: 40;) for example and fix it? Please check the screenshot attached -
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  • The code doesn't change anything about the menu on smartphone. It is still bugged on multiple mobile devices:
    - Samsung Galaxy S10
    - Samsung Glaxyy S9
    - iPhone X
    - Samsung Galaxy Note 10
    - Samsung Galaxy J5 2017
    And probably more.
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  • Probably I didn't explain it right. Excuse me about that.

    Please check the provided screenshot -

    The menu button is leaving the viewport when we add the CSS that centers the logo. (You can find the CSS a little bit higher in this thread, on July 20th)

    I will remove the CSS that is decreasing the font-size of the menu items as we got it fixed a few days ago by decreasing the font-size from the BeTheme Header Builder admin menu.
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  • It appears by default when the website is loaded and is bugged on every single page.

    Most of the browsers that I've used to test it are Chrome. The only different ones are for the:
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Samsung Internet
    iPhone X - Safari
    All other devices, listed above are using Chrome
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