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Be Theme Update 21.8.3 problem

I just updated to the latest Theme version 21.8.3 and I found a problem.
When hovering the main menu, the mega menu opens below. But when trying to move the mouse pointer down to mega menu it just disappears.
(password for   cM06j$NCBr  )

In (witch I have not yet updated) it still works fine.

Any suggestions please?

Thank you foe your prompt reply.


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  • Hello.
    Thank you for your reply.
    I add it to Theme Options > Custom CSS & JS > CSS but it does not work.
    I even tried to add it in my Child Theme's style.css with no luck.
    Right now the custom css is still in Theme Options > Custom CSS & JS > CSS.

    Please check. I wait for your suggestions.

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  • Sorry about that. I closed it now and it works better. But the submenu now seems ''broken''. It seems that the submenus (Holidays - Honeymoon - Tours - Cruises) in the columns slided below the white background and there is also a bigger space after the titles in submenus and the first menu link in every column.
    Also the submenu covers part of the logo.

    If you can check the main menus in (older Be Theme version) and (latest one) you can see that the main manu in the topbar is vertically centered in the fist one and it aligns at the top of the topbar at the test site. Something has changed -not for good - at the latest Theme version.

    Please advise for both issues.

    Thank you.

  • edited August 26
    Following from previous...
    I checked that at the older Theme version there is no line-height attribute but at the latest one there is this new attribute line-height: 50px;
    Before the menuitem class was taking the height from the topbar (90px in this situation, see
    I think that now with this new line-height: 50px; makes the original problem I first discussed.
    Please check and inform if this is something that will change in a newer version or please suggest solutions. Thanks again.
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  • Much better now, thanks.
    Can you please suggest how can i align vertically menu items within topbar?
    In the last theme version it seems to align on the top not in the middle as before. They are higher than the logo.
    Menu items height is now 60px not 90 as before.
    Thanks again.
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  • Hello. has no problem yet as I have not updated to the latest Be Theme version.
    On the other hand has the above mentioned problem with the menu items in the top bar. has no lazy loading enabled!!!

    I kindly wait for your suggestion.
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  • edited August 27
    I changed the css code with your new one in and works fine.
    But when i updated Theme and put the same css code in there is the same problem.
    Menu items are higher and when trrying to hover from main menu to megamenu it disappears.
    [menu items height in is now 90px and in is 60px)
    I even disabled the lazy loading to to check with no luck.
    Please help as now the site ( is LIVE!
    Thanks again.
  • For your information I just found that the Be Child Theme in inversion 1.0.0 and in gulliver,gr is version 1.6.2. I do not know if this helps...
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  • Thank you so much.
    Everything is fine now.
    I do like Be Theme but I like your support even better,
    Thanks again.
    Please close this ticket.
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