Accordion / how to remove thin gray lines

Hello! I have built a list of exhibitions using Accordion and have managed to hide a lot of unneeded elements + changed the color of the fonts etc in css. 

What I don't seem to get a hold of are those thin gray lines on top of maybe divs ".title" and/or ".answer"

Thanks in advance!


  • Hello,
    Do you mean that line on top or bottom (pointed with arrow) ?

  • I have the Same Question. How can i hide the Grey Lines in Acordion? I will need a black line under the header line only nothing more?

  • I mean the top line. The lower line is part of the image but under that line there actually is similar light gray line. 

    If you look closely & open the accordion you can see very thin gray lines on top of each accordion section and when opened also on top of the image (but not the line the lower arrow pointed but visible at least on bigger screens below the image)
  • Please use this CSS code:
    .accordion .question .title{
    box-shadow:unset !important;
  • edited August 2020
    thanks, that did the trick! :) Also added the same css for div.answer: 

    .accordion .question .title, .accordion .question .answer {
    box-shadow:unset !important; }
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