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[Solved] Action Bar dropdown transparent

edited September 15 in Theme support
I am using default theme and instead of social media I have a menu, like in the Language theme
I created the following menu but I only see three links and no sub-links:
  • Downloads
    • PDF-1
    • PDF-2
  • Language
    • Japanese
    • English
  • Contact
All links are Custom links and the URL is #.
I assumed that WP would create automatically a dropdown menu for Downloads and Language.
Can Action Bar have a dropdown?

EDIT: Screenshot my menu
I edited the main menu (navbar) and created a dropdown menu without any problems.


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  • edited September 11
    Thank you Pablo.

    I build one in Impreza 6 Theme, they also have a header builder:
    I build one with BeTheme's header builder but there is a bug:
    Top bar's dropdown menu is transparent, if unfolded I see the link of navigation bar.
    It is possible to change the color of dropdown but I still see link of navigation bar.
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  • Yes Pablo, could you help me fix my Header Builder issue?

    I have two problems but first a screenshot of Header Builder:
    Top is action bar, second one is just called First Row.

    FYI: The dropdown in action bar is set to display none, if I hoover it set to block. Menu element: <ul class="sub-menu">. And the whole thing is in div class="mhb-item-inner tabletMobile" next element is <ul id="menu-top-right-language-etc" class="menu">

    Background is yellow. I could change the color with
    background-color:white; in the inspector of Firefox.
    Can you tell me which class to select to change the color in the css file
    I tried:
    .sub-menu {
        background-color: white;
    .sub-menu ul li AND .menu-image-not-hovered li ul AND .menu-image-not-hovered 

    The dropdown menu is  transparent OR bellow the header (main navbar). You can see through the drop down menu (see screenshot, imgur link).
    I tried to give it z-index: 999 in inspector, no luck.
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  • There is a third problem you will note when you try to select a menu point of the dropdown. As soon mouse leaves, the dropdown menu closes, it is not possible to click on a item of the menu.
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  • Sorry Pablo it is not working. I could find your suggested css code in source code of the page.
    Also tried !important.

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  • You beautiful man, thank you!
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