Message Dismiss & Child Page doesn't show up

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We got two problems of our site:

1, How can we disable the message "Shop around dismiss" when search the website?

2, Child Page in the widge doesn't show up even we choose always show. For examples, we have child page on 

   - Pages Menu -About UsConsumer ServiceDealer ServiceMain MenuProduct CatagoriesResource CenterSecondary Menu

   Always showShow on hoverShow on hover, always show activeShow on click


Could you help check it?




  • Hello Larry,
    1) Do you want to disable that string on whole website?
    2) Where do you have that element, is it in footer or on which page?
    3) Please paste that CSS code in the theme options > custom css & js > css
    #Top_bar #logo img { max-height:60px !important;}
  • Hello,

    1, Yes, we want to disable to whole string ""Shop around dismiss".

    2, In the footer widge.


  • 1) Please go to the WP Admin > Appearance > Customize, then head to the Woocommerce > Store Notice and tick off the "Enable store notice" option.

    2) Did you increase the "Depth" of the widget? It should be set to amount of nested childrens.


  • Works. Thanks.

    1) How can we leave the black edge on the top of menu bar? I mean that either just leave the black edge without any store message or keep the action bar on without any message. 

    Or, on the Betheme Option - header - modern, how to make the menu bar full widith?

    Thanks again.
  • 1) I don't think that woocommerce allows to do that - it will always leave the link when you type anything or blank space.
    You can display the text there or disable it completely.

    2) This type of menu is not a type of menu for a full-width, but you can turn on that option in Theme Options > Header & Subheader > Header

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